Dybdahl in Europe, and in symphony

Now that spring is in the air and Europe is a budding grove Thomas Dybdahl packs his kit and goes on tour with the sleep-drugged, early morning soul songs from his latest album Science.

Thomas Dybdahl_2006 (Foto:Jean-Baptiste Mondino)

Science, in Dybdahl's own words the title signifies the material, concrete reality that he holds for true. Yet with an artistic disposition like his the songs come out not as inanimate and detached; not as some scientific endeavour, but rather as a kind of soul-like factuality.
The album departs from his October Trilogy in terms of the imagery invoked and the general atmosphere perhaps –now striving more towards the sea than the forest- yet his musical trademarks are largely intact; ethereal melodies, hushed, luminous vocals and subtle instrumentation. Its reception has been favourable, if somewhat tentative; as is the case with all rupturous endeavours from a beloved artist.

Dybdahl’s fans in Europe have been long awaiting the live experience of the new material and now the time has come: From April 21st. to May fifth he will play thirteen shows in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland, as well as Denmark and Sweden. Later on he will return to Denmark for the Roskilde festival in the beginning of July.

Further, his Norwegian fans will be delighted to learn that the exceptional constellation of Dybdahl and KORK -the Norwegian National Radio Orchestra- which blew people away at the exclusive P3 sessions this winter, will be reappear at the Øya festival on August 10th. It is not often a pop concert features a full symphony orchestra, and having Dybdahl and his band joined by forty musicians on stage, outdoors in the magical August dusk, is something that really triggers the imagination and leaves a promise in the air, -of a truly enchanted experience.

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