Satyricon reveals album details

One of Norwegian extreme metal’s flagships, Satyricon, is set to return with their new album; ‘The Age of Nero’ which is slated for a November release.

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Satyricon 2006 (Foto: Per Heimly)

With considerable domestic as well as international success, Satyricon is one of Norway’s mainstays on the extreme metal scene, having released three acclaimed and commercially successful albums to date.

The 3rd of November is the confirmed release date for Satyricon’s latest studio album ‘The Age of Nero’ on Roadrunner.

The album, which is produced by the band and noted producer Joe Barresi, features a number of diverse contributors ranging from classical choir Grex Vocalis to The Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

Earlier this summer, Satyricon primed their loyal audience with a well received exclusive release; a 7” gatefold vinyl single and 5-track CD with previously unreleased recordings, live recordings as well as a new track, My Skin Is Cold.

The album release is followed by an extensive European tour which begins in Rotterdam on November 19th and ends in Hamburg on the 20th of December.

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