Kristiansand Sympony Orhcestra: Sigurd Lie

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Kristiansand Sympony Orhcestra's 'Sigurd Lie'

Kristiansand Sympony Orhcestra: 'Sigurd Lie' (cover)

Norwegian composer Sigurd Lie (1871-1904) is best known in his home country for his gem of a song Sne (Snow). The rest of his output is lesser known, but the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra have set out to restore the composers reputation through these strong renditions of such works as his Symphony in A minor, the Wartburg Ballad and the Concerto Piece for Violin and Orchestra. The orchestra is eminently conducted by Terje Boye Hansen and the solo contributions by bass baritone Frode Olsen and violinist Terje Tønnesen are of the same calibre. Much of Lie’s works are taut and lean in the mould of Edvard Grieg, steeped in the musical language of late 19th century Romanticism and with plenty of lively and melodic passages. The Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra deserves credit for unearthing these partly forgotten treasures that are now finally available for a new audience.

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