Tuco’s Lounge head out on German tour

In support of their new album ‘Crazy Love’ out in Europe on May 18th, Tuco’s Lounge head out on a German tour this week.

Listen to excerpts from Tuco’s Lounge new album ‘Crazy Love’
Listen to and download Tuco’s Lounge releases here

Tuco's Lounge 2007 Photo: Paul Bernhard (www.paulbernhard.com)

With Tarantinoesque twangy guitars, epic tales and a well developed fascination for south-western USA, Tuco’s Lounge have their boots firmly planted in desert gravel. Track titles such as Mexican Standoff and Sheriff reveal the band’s fascination for wide open desert landscapes, classic western eposes, six-shooters and the lone hero. It is tempting to draw comparisons to such central US bands as Sixteen Horsepower, Giant Sand, Calexico and Thin White Rope, but with their origins on the Norwegian west-coast, Tuco’s Lounge have come up with their very own form of Spaghetti-rock noir that set them apart from their peers across the Atlantic. Although, it’s a long way from Tucson to Bergen, Tuco’s Lounge manage to conjure up images of sun-burnt landscapes, cactuses and low-slung single-action Colts – no mean feat.

May 18th sees the European release of Tuco’s new album ‘Crazy Love’ through German indie ‘The A Label’.

Listen to Tuco’s tracks on their MySpace home.

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