More women in charge in music organizations

Twice as many women are board members in music organizations compared to private companies in Norway. Only 15 % of board members in private companies are women.

Monica Larsson, NRF (Foto: Arvid Skancke-Knutsen)

“We are not satisfied with a 30 % female boards- and committee representation, but still, we will not use quotas to increase the numbers of women in rock and blues clubs, says Monica Larson, leader of Norwegian Rock Music Foundation to Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.
Larson’s goal is 50 % women among Norwegian music organizations and arrangers.

The debate has been intense in Norway after Minister of Trade and Industry, Ansgar Gabrielsen threatened to use quote if women were not represented by 40 % in boards of private companies by the end of 2005. According to statistics from Lindorff Decision women only counts for 15 % of the board members. So far, Norwegian companies are far away from reaching the goal of 40 % female representation.

But the female outlook is a bit brighter for the music organizations.
“Women are doing this just as well as men. But I think this will improve on its’ own,” Larson says.
“Among the arrangers, lots of girls are getting to know the business from the inside, and eventually will start climbing within the system,” Larson continues.

Norwegian Rock Music Foundation had recently its annual meeting, and of 142 delegates, 47 of them were women, or about 30 %.

Among the 70 blues club in Norway, women direct 20 of them.
“I think plenty of the girls have good organization knowledge and are capable of being in charge, says Morten Omlied, managing director of Norwegian Blues Union.

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