Atomic: Boom Boom

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Atomic’s Boom Boom.

Atomic: Boom Boom (cover)

Atomic’s second album ‘Boom Boom’ is proof that exploration and creativity are central qualifications for the young Scandinavian jazz scene. Atomic isn’t playing someone else’s music from another place and time; this is work that is personal and thoroughly creative in the now. Atomic’s music is the sound of creative risks being made in real time, something that is impossible to do if one is obsessed with re-creating and imitating the music of the past. Atomic is now, it epitomises the moment when the collective energy created a lasting piece of art. The level of creativity and musicianship that is on display on ‘Boom Boom’ is mind-boggling as the top brass of the young Norwegian and Swedish jazz scene convene to create a landmark jazz album that is destined to create shockwaves on the international jazz stage.

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