by:Larm gigs spawn UK festival appearances for Norwegian acts

The first concrete results of by;Larm, the Norwegian music industry’s most central showcasing festival, have now begun to tick in. Following spirited appearances at by:Larm in Stavanger, acts Kaizers Orchestra and The Beautiful People are now set to play the Glastonbury and Reading festivals this summer.

Kaizers Orchestra live på Prekestolen (4)

Kaizers Orchestra’s spectacular gig at the top of the Prekestolen (Pulpit Rock) plateau (left) during by:Larm in Stavanger on 12 February has already spawned both strong media coverage across Europe as well as a likely appearance at this year’s massive Glastonbury Festival in the UK. One of by:Larm’s hottest acts, The Beautiful People secured their first gig abroad with their convincing stage appearance last weekend; the collective are now set to play this summer’s Reading Festival in the UK.

“It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll”
Following a strenuous two-hour hike across rugged and snowy terrain, more than 130 journalists and music industry reps were met with AC/DC’s anthem “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll” as they staggered the last few hundred exposed meters to the top of the spectacular Prekestolen with a drop of more than 600 meters below their feet. After recovering from the arduous ascent, the distinguished crowd was treated to a mind-blowing set by eclectic outfit Kaizers Orchestra who performed a set of classics and new tunes from their upcoming album (tentatively titled ‘Maestro’, to be released by Universal Germany throughout Europe in September). The ensuing endorphin/oxygen shock following the exposure to the great Norwegian outdoors and its music has reportedly caused the desired effects – images of the spectacular show has made their way across Europe being aired at a number of TV-networks. Kaizers Prekestol-stunt has also spawned a high profile slot at this year’s Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

The spectacular outdoor-gig was the brainchild of by:Larm coordinators Erlend Mogård-Larsen and Runar Eggesvik. MIC caught up with Eggesvik as he made his way down a steep hillside that finished his descent from the Prekestolen-plateau: “This has been a fantastic experience that is destined to be a lasting memory for life for everyone that has been involved. This has exceeded our wildest dreams. We managed to get 130 international delegates and a local audience of app. 80 persons to the top – that must qualify as a success, doesn’t it? Few of the international reps have experienced such scenery and such a terrain before – they took to the challenge and were determined to ascend to the top, I’m thoroughly impressed. Everybody are super-happy and my impression is that the international delegates just love by:Larm – most I’ve spoken to say that there are no equivalents on the international stage that can rival what we do. Norwegian music is respected and admired abroad and when the international delegates come here and are met with openness, friendliness and events like this then it creates a very powerful impact. I feel that this insane event highlights something that’s distinctly Norwegian; it’s got tons of guts and a sound that’s truly special. This trip to the Prekestolen-plateau serves as an image of what by:Larm and Norwegian music is. My only concern now is how we’re going to top this next year. It’s impossible to come up with something that’s more spectacular than this – or is it?” says an energetic, sweaty and happily exhausted Eggesvik.

The Beautiful People to Reading

One of the most hyped and anticipated bands of this year’s by:Larm was New Order/Joy Divisionesque The Beautiful People (above). Their mix of early 80s references and vocalist Ådne Meisland’s distinct voice went home with representatives of The Mean Fiddler Group who promptly invited the band to this year’s Reading Festival. “Finally, now we’re getting out of Norway” says front-man Meisland to “After our by:Larm show, the guys from Mean Fiddler came back-stage and gave us thumbs up. They muttered something about some major festivals before they left us. Now, they’ve finally caught up with our manager and booked us to Reading!” says a happy Meisland.

The Beautiful People also did a high-profile gig at this year’s Alarm-awards and were also among the three winners of last year’s talent show ‘Zoom’. To date the Oslo-based collective have released one EP ‘The Beautiful People/Sedated Times’ on indie label Public Demand Records. Their debut album is scheduled for release later this year.

NME teams up with by:Larm
The international delegation to this year’s by:Larm was the strongest ever, solidifying the festival’s status as the biggest and most central music industry convention in Scandinavia. The Prekestolen-stunt has already gained the music event solid press-coverage across Europe and rumour about the unusual event is rapidly circulating within the music industry, making it likely that the international presence at next year’s by:Larm will be even stronger.

NME was apparently satisfied with their stay in Stavanger. Representatives of the central music magazine have now contacted by:Larm’s Erlend Mogård-Larsen to initiate a designated NME stage at next year’s by:Larm which will be held in Tromsø 9-11 February.

Now in its seventh running year, by:Larm is today firmly established as the Norwegian music industry's no. 1 forum. 130 bands performed at 19 stages located in the centre of cosy and intimate south-western town of Stavanger frorm 10-12 February. More than 700 delegates representing the record industry, managers, agents, booking firms and media got together for some hectic networking, A&R, seminars and debates. Bands such as Briskeby, Big Bang, Kaizers Orchestra and Madrugada made some of their first public appearances at by:Larm. Since then, all have gone on to achieve major status in Norway and along with other former by:Larm acts they have also continued their careers abroad.

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