Jaga Jazzist to tour the UK

The reception of Jaga Jazzist’s latest album ‘What we must’ has been positive so far, now the hot ten-piece electronica/jazz/prog collective is set to tour the UK.

Jaga Jazzist (2005)

With their latest outing, ‘What We Must’, Jaga Jazzist have continued to surprise and challenge listeners. Jaga Jazzist has previously been associated with improvisation and electronica, but it is a harder hitting and more rock-oriented band that’s now eager to hit UK’s concert stages. With finesse and a delicate sense of cool, Jaga have even managed to utilise elements from 70s prog rock without sounding daft.

The collective is now set to tour the UK and Ireland in June with gigs in London, Brighton, Bristol, Cheltenham, Belfast and Dublin.

‘What We Must’ has been met with a string of rave reviews – here’s a roundup of some of the latest ones:

"For 10 years, this Norwegian collective were a jazz group known as Jaga Jazzist, but they’ve changed their sound and their name. Their new album suggests a 1990s British guitar-effects-pedal-laden band such as Spiritualized or Ride trying to ape 1970s Miles Davis. It has the scope of jazz fusion, but few of the banal sounds associated with it, relying instead on crashing rock guitar chords, shimmering synths and a degree of good taste. Listening to Stardust Hotel, I’m not surprised that Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood is a fan. This is the sound ambitious rock bands wishing they could shake off their shackles hear in their imaginations, but almost never achieve" (Sunday Times)

Other Music (NYC) write up in their newsletter :

”Jaga Jazzist are back with What We Must, a CD that will be the perfect soundtrack for the summer road trip that you're currently planning. The album is made up of seven instrumental jams that are filled with soaring, progressive guitar solos. Think the epic scope of Sigur Ros (crescendos yes, moaning vocals, not so much), a bit of Ratatat's loopy guitar, and a slight tinge of Efterklang's chamber-acoustic-electronic hybrid. Throw in an ode to Weather Report as well. The complete list of instruments used is too long to reprint, but here are a few: marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, tamboura, bass clarinet, flute, trombone, trumpet, tuba, mellotron and, of course, the ever-present guitar run through effects. Call it post-rock if you like, fans of the recent Tortoise album will feel right at home here as well. Mood setting, travel inspiring, and expansive.” [DG

To get a taste of the unique Jaga Jazzist live experience, click this link that’ll take you to a streamed Fabchannel.com webcast featuring Jaga’s 14 May gig at Amsterdam’s Paradiso.

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