The Norwegian hip hop duo Madcon has gathered such momentum in Norway over the past few months that it might just be enough to launch them into international orbit.

Madcon: So dark

With two recently pocketed Norwegian Grammy awards, the monster hit “Beggin” spilling over into the ether of neighbouring countries, and not least the brilliant album “So dark the con of man” as the substantial musical foundation for all the buzz, it is no telling where Madcon might be going. And if ever there was a product of the Norwegian entertainment industry ready for, and deserving of bigger markets it is these two. Over many years Yosef and Tshawe have patiently and professionally built their image and appeal. And then, with expert timing, everything came together in the right way for Madcon just before Christmas (“So dark..” was released on Dec.3rd) In the public eye they are fun-loving, likable guys, and musically they’ve reached a level of quality and professionalism that is almost unprecedented for their genre in Norway. It is of course no secret that the hit “Beggin” is a remake of an already popular remix of a big hit (a kind of double theft, as one journalist put it) but it seems that people don’t hold this against them at all, for “So dark the con of man” is equal to the hit, and their public appeal really unique.

“Beggin” is now getting more and more air time in Sweden, and things are happening in Germany too. So either Madcon are currently enjoying the apex of their game, being embraced by all in Norway, or they are on the verge of something altogether bigger. There’s no question that they have the personalities, the drive and the music to achieve the latter, but it is of course exceedingly difficult. So the coming year will be exiting, not just for Madcon but also for all of those at home watching and perhaps “Beggin” for the magic doors of the international scene to open for Yosef and Tshawe.

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