Surferosa: Shanghai My Heart

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Surferosa’s break-through debut album "Shanghai My Heart". Surferosa are currently in the midst of a very successful US/Canadian tour with the Killers.

Surferosa: Shanghai My Heart (cover)

Colourful, 80s pastiche, punk/glam/disco outfit Surferosa have established a loyal following in Scandinavia, Japan and the UK with their debut "Shanghai My Heart" album and high-energy live shows. Fronted by vital and charismatic front-woman, gym-suit clad power plant Mariann, Surferosa represent a return to the values of a band entertaining and interacting with an audience, and all without rethreading old ground or wallowing in rock nostalgia. Surferosa might be a melting pot of punk, rock and pop influences, but one thing’s for sure: you won’t have heard or seen anything quite like it before. Suferosa are determined to sweat, scream, dance, bounce and sing throwing the doors wide open and inviting you to the best party ever. Some call it thrash-pop; others prefer the term synth-punk or electroclash – regardless of the branding, Surferosa are destined for the big stages, the big headlines and a large audience all over the world.

Below are a few quotes from the UK press following the release of Surferosa's "Shanghai My Heart" album :

"…edgy art-rock, an act primed for success…" Kerrang!
"…a frankly irresistible mix of first-album Blondie, B52's, Sioxsie, Kim Wilde and Duran Duran…Neon Commando EP is a pop treasure chest…" Sunday Times Culture
"…Surferosa are nothing short of fantastic…nothing on this earth can prepare you for the phenomenon that is singer Mariann…..strutting around in purple heels, she doesn't think she's headlining Wembley she really believes it – Surferosa are this year's must-see" Rock Sound
"…a strong synth punk debut – a name to watch" Music Week
"…if you need a good dose of glamour catch Surferosa before they hit the big time….their synth-punk is a breath of fresh air…" The Ticket, Mirror
"…Mariann is a punk goddess…their sound is vibrant and tuneful, they have humour, energy and are a real treat live – what more can you want from rock n roll in these days of squeaky clean pop clones…" What's On In London

Surferosa are currently touring the US and Canada supporting the Killers. Read more on the tour here.

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