Tor Brevik - Biography

Tor Brevik (1932) was born in Oslo, Norway. He studied violin and music theory at The Music Conservatory in Oslo, and is primarily self-taught as a composer. Brevik has been active as a music critic, as a leader of two municipal music schools, as the Chairman of the Norwegian Chamber Music Association and as the editor of the Philharmonic Society's publications for nearly 20 years. He has also performed as a viola player in various orchestras.

Brevik has dedicated much of his career to working with amateur musicians including, among other activities, serving as a conductor for school orchestras and for several symphony and chamber orchestras.

As a composer, Brevik has declared himself a passionate admirer of the melody as a musical means of expression. This is also evident in his music, where the musical lines develop on a free-tonal basis. His works from recent years have all been commissioned from various institutions.

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