a-ha to release album in June

June sees Norway’s legendary pop trio a-ha returning with a brand new album and an extensive tour.

a-ha 2006 (photo Stian Andersen)

After a short hiatus from the live scene, media spotlight and phonogram market, pop icons a-ha return with a new album in June and an extensive tour later this year.

Says a-ha manager Harald Wiik to Norwegian daily VG: ‘We have a tentative release date scheduled for the 19th of June, although that date is subject to change.’

Prior to a-ha’s June album launch, the three band members are set to play a string of dates in South America in March. Says Wiik: ‘South America and a-ha have held a long standing love affair, but it’s proved difficult to stage a tour in the region due to other commitments. Finally, we’ve managed to find an open time slot and the band is now scheduled to perform in Brazil and Chile.

Wiik also reveals that a number of different producers have been asked to contribute to the upcoming album, but a final decision of who will actually put the finishing touches on the June release has not been made yet. The tracklist is not finalized either. ‘There’s a long list of tracks that have been recorded in several versions, but the final tracklist has yet to be made.’

In December, to mark the 50th anniversary of the official Norwegian album and single chart, Norwegian newspaper VG announced a poll to decide the greatest Norwegian hit of the last 50 years. 'Take on Me' was one of ten finalists for this award, which was presented at the 2008 Spellemann awards show on 24 January. Not surprisingly, a-ha took home the victory and a-ha’s Morten Harket and Magne Furuholmen were present last weekend at the Oslo Spektrum to accept this coveted award.

Furuholmen thanked everyone who voted for the song. He continued, "It's good to see that the Norwegian music scene is in much better shape now than when we started - I'm referring to young talents who manage to be successful abroad. So it's a big honour to be part of a vital Norwegian music scene."

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