Mari Eggen and Helen Høie: Glød

Listen to Norway continues with Mari Eggen and Helen Høie: Glød

Mari Eggen and Helen Høie: (cover) Glød

The love or the glow (as in the title Glød) for traditional folk music is what has inspired Mari Eggen and Helen Høie as fiddlers for years. On Glød, they wanted to share the special warmth and ardour folk music possess. Originally from Gudbrandsdalen, one of the centres for dance music in Norway, the two women have mixed old tunes with their own compositions on their new album. 7 of the 17 tracks are composed by Eggen and Høie. The first cut, Bråtåseterhallingen, is based on a legend, which said that the first fiddler to play it learned the tune from the devil himself. Tales of the devil, of mountain spirits, and other folklore are common themes and almost every tune has a story. Eggen and Høie’s new album is both traditional and original at the same time, and the arrangements have a mature complexity with contrasting rhythms.

Mari Eggen and Helen Høie: Glød (2L)

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