Stable album sales - domestic dominance

Following the first quarter set-back, the Norwegian phonogram market is now stabilising with domestic productions continuing their increase.

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The latest sales figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors show that sales of CD albums last month remained stable compared to April last year. Domestic repertoire continued to strengthen its grip on the market with a whopping 43% stake of the market compared to last year’s 27%. Sales of domestically produced soundcarriers increased with 64% in volume and 54% in value compared to April 2004.

Compared to April last year, total sales of phonograms are down 7% in volume and 4% in value.

Sales of singles are down 62% in volume and 31% in value compared to April last year.

Sales of DVD music releases are down 16% in volume and 35% in value.

Total accumulated sales so far this year are 2,9m albums, 127 000 singles and 70 000 music DVDs amounting to a total revenue of NOK 197m ($ 31,1/€ 24,2). This is a reduction of 23% in volume and 20% in value compared to last year.

These were the market shares in April:

Universal 31%
Sony BMG 22,2%
EMI Recorded Music 9,3%
VME 6,3%
Bare Bra / Tylden 6,2%
Tuba 5,3%
Playground 4,1%
Warner 3,6%
Master Music /Naxos 3,4%
MO 3,2%
Bonnier Amigo 2,9%
KKV 2,4%

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