Rec 90 showcase in London

Renowned Norwegian indie Rec 90 is presenting four of its artists, The Vineyards, Segrov, Erlend Ropstad and William Hut, at a one-off showcase at London's Barfly this week.

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Several acclaimed Norwegian artists have made their debut on Rec 90, one of Norway’s foremost independent labels. Acts that have begun their careers on the roster of the Bergen indie include Lorraine, Magnet, Poor Rich Ones and The Low Frequency in Stereo. The Barfly showcase will present some of Rec 90’s new singnings:

The Vineyards

The Vineyards made their debut with the EP 'Good Rock for Good People' last year, and VG, the biggest newspaper in Norway, wrote that The Vineyards could be the next big thing to come out of Norway. With this year’s album 'Hoggin’ all the Action' the band have settled even more securely in their post as the rock’n roll band from Norway. The critics compare The Vineyards with bands like The Hives, The Stooges and KISS. One critic even claimed that listening to The Vineyards made him want to drink beer, and that just might be the best way to describe The Vineyards.


Segrov released their first album in February and the Norwegian critics went bananas. It seemed like they competed in throwing superlatives at the band. Songs like ‘Get burned’ and ‘Blessings’ have been playlisted on the national radio stations, the album reached #1 at the local charts, and this summer the band is playing several festivals in Norway.

Erlend Ropstad

A couple of years ago Erlend Ropstad was invited to form a duo with Erlend Øye. Ropstad turned down the offer, and Øye later formed Kings of Convenience. This summer Ropstad is releasing his first album. The album is produced by Davide Bartoni, the man that produced the latest album – “Riot on an empty Street” – from Kings of Convenience.

William Hut

William Hut made his first albums at Rec 90. Now he’s signed to CoraZong Records, but he wanted to come along with the rest of the bands from Rec 90 to play at the Barfly in London. Hut has had a long career; first as vocalist in the band Poor Rich Ones and later as – just – William Hut.

Rec 90 label showcase
Barfly, Camden
49 Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AN
Friday 9 June, 7.30pm
Box Office: 0870 9070999

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