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Casiokids UK tour

With a new single, ‘Dresinen’, paving the way, Casiokids head out on a UK tour in late June.

Released through Moshi Moshi on June 25th, Casiokids latest outing ‘Dresinen’ serves as a taster for what UK audiences are in for this week as masters of naïve pop head out on a UK tour.

Scandinavia’s premier pop-tronica outfit,» reads NME’s description of Moshi Moshi-signed Casiokids; most playful spawn of the Bergen vogue. The name relates to the band relying on vintage Casio synths, and with an almost equal emphasis on theatre, props and on-stage performance, their aim is to make electronic music more visual. Casiokids is a new concept, not just a hot new name in electro pop; their dance- and joy-inspiring amalgam has taken Britain and Europe by playful surprise.

Casiokids’ debut UK LP release ‘Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen’ on Moshi Moshi earlier this year, came to fruition within the band’s rehearsal space at the newly established Bergen Kjøtt (a converted old abattoir also home to Datarock and Røkyskopp). The tracks were also recorded at the band’s own pace, all within the same timeframe. As a result, the record is much more cohesive than their collection of previous singles and unlike anything Casiokids have released thus far.

Old analogue and trashy keyboards, pop melodies and a digital & shadow puppet theatre make up the creative collective that is Casiokids. The band sprung out of an idea of making electronic music more visual, but has developed further into being a collective of theatre blended with pop melodies often sung in their native language and influenced by afro-beat, techno and out-and-out pop. The music draws similarities and according to the band members, they take inspiration from Paul Simon's "Graceland", Ivor Cutler, New Order, King Tubby, Bob Hund, Cornelius and Fela Kuti.

A few press quotes:

"I always say, if you want some enormously danceable, minimalist Afro-funk and space-disco (with a donk on it), then you need to reach out to beardy Norwegians, for it is only they who are capable of making records as brilliantly lunatic as this. For a start, it's entirely instrumental; for another start, it is propelled along its golden path by the single greatest synth noise in the history of electricity and wires; and, for a third start, it's all over in less than three minutes. Everything lovable about popular music is here and it has a video to accompany it that is both mentally compelling and sort of hilarious. Casiokids: you rule in all sorts of wonderful new ways."

"Fot i hose", Single of the week in the Guardian

"A sublimely synthy debut from Scandinavia’s premier poptronica outfit…Casiokids are an absolute necessity (8/10)" NME review of ‘Grønt lys i alle ledd’

"My other favourite Norwegian discovery, Casiokids (...) switch styles so much that it’s hard to really pin them down—variables include high, winsome vocals, rubbery 8-bit melodies, dancey backing tracks, slashy post-punk guitars, a multi-media stage show with various kinds of puppets and video projections, and just generally a sweet and crazy party vibe." review of Øya Festival

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