MIC has moved

The Music Information Centre Norway is now up and running in its new office space at Drammensveien 42.

Nasjonalbiblioteket, fasade (Foto: Lisbeth Risnes, MIC)

As announced, come 1 August The Music Information Centre Norway will be up and running in its shiny new and delicate office at Drammensveien 42.

Although things are slightly chaotic at the moment with cardboard boxes littering the office environment we're on track and on schedule. All of our items seem to have survived the relocation process and its now just a matter of sorting out the apparent chaotic content of our boxes.

MIC will share the stylish new office space with the Norwegian Jazz Archives, Norwegian Folk and Popular Song Archives and the National Library of Norway’s National Music Collection at the Solli Plass. Due to the complex logistics involved with the moving process, MIC’s office will be closed from 1 July to 15 August.

MIC’s new visiting address is Drammensveien 42, Oslo.
The new telephone number is +47 23 27 63 00
MIC's new postal address is:

Music Information Centre Norway
P.O. Box 2674 Solli
N-0203 Oslo

MIC will be operational at its new facilities during the first two weeks of August.

The official opening of the Drammensveien 42 complex is scheduled to 15 August.

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