Kristin Asbjørnsen: Wayfaring stranger in Germany

Kristin Asbjørnsen’s solo debut “Wayfaring stranger” sold to platinum in Norway. Now the record has been released in Germany –to a reception that is equal to the landslide of top reviews it got in Norway.

Kristin Asbjørnsen - Wayfaring Stranger (Foto: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen)

Just over a year ago the Norwegian vocalist and musician extraordinaire Kristin Asbjørnsen released her first solo album in Norway. She had already dumbfounded many, both at home and abroad, with her work in groups Dadafon and Krøyt –Original, powerful and profound music, presenting Kristin’s formidable resources as a creative composer as well as her astounding vocals.

Her voice is the undisputed protagonist: hoarse, bluesy, and with a kaleidoscope of shimmers it is such that it is audible even when completely hushed, and warm even when screamed. And it is capable of weaving its way through the dimensions of sound in a way that makes it seem like an autonomous entity, performing such leaps that appear impossible. Asbjørnsen can navigate the parameters of octave, tone, timbre, rhythm, phrasing, style etc with complete precision, and there is always “more” kept in store: more force, higher notes, deeper hoarseness and warmer whispers, clearer and more lustrous middles.

With “Wayfaring stranger” she only confirmed her position as a truly peerless musician; in terms of vocal ability as well as regarding the scope of artistic orientation. Comprised of a selection of African-American spirituals the record displays Asbjørnsen’s voice and musicality at its most graceful and profound. The tunes on “Wayfaring stranger are taken from a treasure of little known spirituals that Asbjørnsen “inherited” from the singer Ruth Reese 16 years ago. These songs touch me personally,” says Kristin, “through their open, repetitive words and melodies, they give me access to a place where I feel included and embraced. These are songs both to lean on and to take nourishment from. They are about holding and being held. The songs are most of all beautiful and important to me, they are sacred songs I want to express from my musical point of view today.”

Following the great critical reception Kristin Asbjørnsen is embarking on an extensive “Wayfaring stranger” tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The dates and venues are as follows:

Oct.22 Bremen Radio Live concert, Germany
Oct. 23 Hamburg, Fabrik, Germany
Oct. 24 Weimar, Monami, Germany
Oct. 25 Isernhagen/b. Hannover Kulturscheune, Germany
Oct. 27 Köln, Jazz Cologne, Germany
Oct. 28 Marburg, Kulturladen KFZ , Germany
Oct. 30 Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany
Nov. 1 Langenau, Martinskirche, Germany
Nov. 2 Karlsruhe, Tollhaus, Germany
Nov. 3 Dortmund, Domicil, Germany
Nov. 6 Vienna, Porgy, Austria
Nov. 7 Innsbruck, Treibhaus, Austria
Nov. 8 München, Unterfahrt, Germany
Nov. 9 Zürich, Moods, Switzerland
Nov. 10 Ingolstadt, Jazztage, Germany

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