Nominations for the Norwegian Grammy Awards 2007:

The lists of nominations for the Norwegian Grammy Awards 2007, which will take place on Saturday February 2nd in Oslo, were revealed at a press conference today. The nominees for the most important categories are as follows:


Female artist
Ane Brun – Live in Scandinavia
Christel Alsos –Closing the distance
Sissy wish –Beauties never die
Susanne Sundfør –Susanne Sundfør

Male artist
Kenneth Ishak –Silver lightning from a black sky
Magnet –The simple life
Sivert Høyem and the Volunteers –Exiles
William Hut- Nightfall

Pop group
Blind Archery Club –The Union
Superfamily –Warszawa
The Royalties –The Royalties
Vidar Johnsen and Peter Nordberg – Ord og Ögonblick

Alog –Amateur
Diskjokke –Staying in
Salvatore –Days of rage

Contemporary music
Cikada Duo –Nordheim
Kari Rønnekleiv / Ole-Henrik Moe –Ciaccona/3 Persephone Perceptions
Vertavo string Quartet –Nils Henrik Asheim: Broken line
Rolf Borch –Step inside

Bigbang –Too Much Yang
Moving Oos –Peace and Love
My Midnight Creeps –Histamine
Raga Rockers –Übermensch
The Lionheart brothers –Dizzy Kiss

Bjørn Berge –I’m the Antipop
Grande –Uppers, Downers, Screamers and Howlers
Vidar Busk and the Voo Doodz –Jukebox Charade

Hellbillies –Spissrotgang
Hemisfair –Blue, blue grass of home
Shit City –God bless our home
Steinar Albrightsen –Moment of peace

Audrey Horne –Le Fol
Dimmu Borgir –In Sorte Diaboli
Mayhem –Ordo ad Chao
Red Harvest –A greater darkness

El Axel –It is what it is
Madcon –So dark the con of man
Tommy Tee –No studio, no time –the wait

Fossum-Aarum Quartet – F.A.Q
Jon Balke –Book of Velocities
Petter Wettre –Fountain of Youth
Sharp Nine –Sudoku
The Core – Official Essentials

Classical Music
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra –Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet
Ingfrid Breie Nyhus/Åshild Breie Nyhus – Edvard Grieg: Opus 72
Nordic Voices –Reges Terrae
Rolf Lislevand –Vivaldi: Musica per mandolino e liuto
Truls Mørk –Nocturne

Open category
Frode Haltli –Passing Images
Live Maria Roggen – Circuit Songs
Pust – Femkant
Shining -Grindstone
The Source –The Source of Christmas – Live

Music video of the year
Dimmu Borgir –The serpentine offering
Heroes and Zeroes –A strange constellation
My Midnight Creeps –Don’t let them bring you down
Turbonegro –Do you do you dig destruction
We –Hurdy Gurdy

Newcomer of the year
Christel Alsos –Closing the distance
Heroes and Zeroes –Strange Constellations
Susanne Sundfør –Susanne Sundfør
Tine Thing Helseth –Haydn/Hummel/Albinoni/Neruda
Valkyrien Allstars –Valkyrien Allstars

Hit of the year
Kurt Nilsen –Push, Push
Madcon – Beggin’
Postgirobygget – Tidløs
Sichelle – Fuck deg
Venke Knutson – Holiday

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