Sunkissed in London.

Sunkissed, the Norwegian club concept claiming to be the new Hacienda, is off to test the Sunkissed zest in the homeland of clubbing and extrava-dancing.

Sunkissed (cover)

After hosting club nights at the recently concluded Hove festival in southern Norway, where human kisses probably were more dominant than that of the sun’s, Norway’s favourite club concept Sunkissed is heading for London and the club Fabric on July 14th.
Recently Sunkissed, i.e. DJs g-Ha and Olanskii, released their first album on that Norwegian Champagne label of the indy-sphere Smalltown Supersound. The record is mixed by the Sunkissed pilots along with other members of the fraternity of cutting-edge Norwegian dance- and trance inducers. The idea of releasing compilation-CDs was initially the Sunkissed brothers’ way of pimping the flyers for their DJ nights in Oslo and making their “be-there” concept a little more enduring.
And enduring it has become; after eight years Sunkissed is now a concept of international renown; enough to make Pitchfork write special recommendations for the new compilation, under the slogan: “The deliciousness of Sunkist the soda?” (There is such a soda, and Sunkissed is the musical equivalent (sic.)) “-Forever incontestable.”
Also British reviews have been panegyric and the night at London’s Fabric is set to be one of the summer’s hottest happenings in the metropolis.

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