Schtimm: Featuring

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Schtimm's 'Featuring'

Schtimm: Featuring (cover)

slimits of geography, language and market-machinations and reach out to an international audience.
And the reason for this is the sheer richness of the project as such, meaning richness in sources, ideas and expression.
They call their style alcojazz/gloompop/rock, and it is indeed greatly varied music, ranging from intensely beautiful meditations to brutal ejaculations. In their own words they habitually “caress with the hand they are not beating with”.
On this their third album they continue the tradition from their two first of making records with a specific format, conceived from out of specific circumstances. The former one was a pretend cover-album, while Featuring emphasises its non-Schtimm contributors and the unconventional recording locations.
The wording on the sleeve is that the band wanted to bring in talents they knew were far removed from the Schtimm philosophy, and that this “distance” would be the challenge of the production and the essence of the record.
The result is as complex and rich as expected from one of the most innovative bands around.

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