Bonk set their sights on the US

Oslo four-piece Bonk have their sights set on the US market with their new deal with New York label Ace Fu.

Bonk 2005

Oslo outfit Bonk announced this week that the band have signed with New York label Ace Fu, home of acts Kaiser Chiefs, Oneida, The Dears and Acid Mothers Temple.

Says Bonk vocalist/guitarist: “We headed over to the US to play the South by Southwest festival earlier this year. Previously, we’ve travelled to China to play. If you’re heading to the other side of the planet to play, you might as well play a couple of gigs elsewhere. So we did. When we played a blistering set at a New York club, some Ace Fu reps were there.”

Ace Fu will release Bonk’s debut album ‘Western Soul’ on the US market this autumn, most likely in October.

Bonk are currently in the studio, working on their second album due for domestic and international release early next year.

No less than three US tours are being planned – the first one is scheduled for next spring.

Say the band on themselves: "Bonk is not Norwegian for the sound of a car smashing into the front of a bank, nor does it mean hurtling over a fjord in a burnt-out speedboat, strangling the bad guy to get the girl, but somehow in the shape of a single album, those clean-living folk from the land where the sun never sets have made a sound which feels like doing both things at the same time, naked. Drawing on influences as disparate as Tamla Motown, Norwegian Death-Punk, and The Who, Bonk is the sound of a culture hell-bent on putting litter into bins and the rock into punk."

Last autumn, Bonk played a very successful Chinese tour, playing to audiences in the excess of 25 000.

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