The Low Frequency in Stereo

Norwegian opaque post-rock collective The Low Frequency in Stereo will go on a small tour of Germany in the beginning of May. And then their upcoming EP Amtrak Diesel will be released in June.

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The Low Frequency in Stereo 2006 (photo:Stig Krohn Haaland)

With their third album; “The last temptation of the Low Frequency in Stereo,” this band really made their lo-tech droning spaceship fly. An accumulating international success, most recently released in Japan, the album has been met with strong reviews across the line of influential music media. They have been compared with the Doors, with Joy Division and Dick Dale, but most flatteringly the have been hailed for consistently “thinking outside the box”. And in a way this is something apparent in their entire countenance: Seldom do band names indicate with such fidelity what the band is about: The Low Frequency in Stereo fills the air in monotonous and murky hovering layers, but interspersed with spiralling silk-worm missiles of melody that pop through the opaqueness of the sheets of sound like flashes of fireworks. Space is often mentioned in descriptions of their music, but if so it is not the space-shuttle kind, but the space-experience of old Soviet sci-fi.
“The last Temptation…” was subtitled “volume 1” -as noticed in small letters on the cover- and thus the up-coming EP entitled Amtrak Diesel (another feather-weight entity) is really “The last Temptation… volume 2.”
Whether or not this is in any way a decisive specification remains to be seen. But being particular about details is a good sign for a band insistent on taking us snorkelling on such murky, yet pearl-studded shoals. Their music is like a slow but attentive buoyant entity, be it in air or in water, and what is nice about their constitutional lo-fi sound is the floating heaviness they weave of it, a droning equally disturbing and enchanting. If one could make a silver Zeppelin transcend our atmosphere, that would be the appropriate allegory -much more so than with the staccato riffs of the Led Zeppelin- and now they’re off to Germany to have the Graf’s engineers build them one.

On May seventh they play in Hamburg, then in Berlin, Cottbus, Dresden and Leipzig on the following dates. Amtrak Diesel will be released in June, specific date pending.

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