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Band of the Week: CCTV

CCTV have finally released their debut album 'Hope & Destroyer'. That deserves Listen To Norway's Band of the week title.

Nominated to Unsigned Band of The Year (NRK Urørt), touring Norway, substantial air play of the single “We Belong” on national radio and playing various Norwegian festivals, climaxing with the prestigious Øya festival in august, 2010 was a good year for CCTV. But after the show at Øya festival it all fell apart, despite the success the band was tired of playing together.

Now two years later front man and songwriter Shaun Curtis brought on producer Audun Borrmann (Rockettothesky, Jonas Alaska og Thom Hell) and the talented musicians from Pow Pow for his debut album. This might be the soundtrack of the fall.

Combining elements of indiepop, electronica and psychedelia into a fluid concoction of post-traumatic bliss, it is not without reason that this band has got a bit of a buzz going at certain select clubs in the Norwegian capital. In Norwegian press they have been compared to acts like New Order, Happy Mondays, Spiritualized and Primal Scream.

Shaun Curtis is not afraid of being neither dark nor catchy, which is easy to hear on CCTV’s first recording, "We Belong". The music is laced with traces of madness and alienation, the manic chase of ecstasy, and more importantly perhaps, the longing for a deep understanding that seems so hard to find.

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