Philco Fiction - hitting the Autobahn in late April

Philco Fiction European tour

Late April/early May sees Philco Fiction heading out on a European tour

A remarkable Oslo trio centred round the rich, haunting songs of Turid Solberg (pronounced Tue-rid).These sophisticated pop tunes hit you straight away in both the heart and the hips with their frank lyrics, giant choruses, crispy beats and effortlessly spare yet lush arrangements.

April 28th marks the start of a nine-date European tour that takes the trio to Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, London, Brighton, Paris and Brussels. The tour also includes a stint at Brighton’s key music industry convention The Great Escape.

Epic, broken-hearted piano ballads that recall prime Prince and electropop symphonies that glide through warped electronics, speaker-popping R’n’B spasms, tip-toeing Bjorklike flights of fancy and Motown string flourishes are all on the plate here.

Songs from the debut album ‘ Take It Personal’ on Norwegian indie Brilliance have been causing ripples in the blogosphere and word about their weird, charismatic and theatrical live show has led to dates being offered across Europe and the US.
“A twisted pop sensation that lives up to the hype” - The Guardian
“Have to hear in 2012!” - NME

“We feel this is simply some of the most exciting music to come out of Norway in recent years.” – Record of the Day
“Some of the nicest sounds to come out of Norway this year!” – Richard Thane, The Line Of Best Fit

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Philco Fiction - hitting the Autobahn in late April


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