15 Norwegian acts confirmed for SXSW

Norway continues its strong presence at Austin,TX’s South By Southwest festival: no less than 15 acts are confirmed to appear at the important showcase event in March.


This week, Music Export Norway unveiled the 15 Norwegian acts that are confirmed to play showcases at one of the most important showcase festivals for the North American (as well as global) music industry; Austin, TX’s South By Southwest (SXSW) which runs from the 13th to the 22nd of March.

Says Music Export Norway’s director Inger Dirdal: “South By Southwest is a very important event that represents Norwegian acts an opportunity to play showcases in the presence of the US as well as global music industry. This year sees a number of Norwegian acts making the trip over the Atlantic, vying for attention from the international music industry. Music Export Norway will strive to do all that it can do in order to ensure that the Norwegian acts return with something more substantial than just great musical experiences.”

Norwegian acts at SXSW 2009:

- Grande

- Ungdomskulen

- Love:Fi

- Davy Jones' Locker

- Blood Red Throne

- The Cocktail Slippers

- Årabrot

- The Shitsez

- Casiokids

- Kakkmaddafakka

- Tommy Tee / Loudmouf Choir / Son of Light

- Lukestar

- Deleted Waveform Gatherings

- Ida Maria

- The New Wine

South By Southwest 2009:

SXSWeek 2009: 13 - 22. March

Interactive: 13 - 17. March

Film: 13 - 21. March

Music: 18 – 22 March


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