Renowned Norwegian jazz/electronica duo to tour Canada.

“Humcrush” is made up of Supersilent keyboardist Ståle Storløkken and Food drummer Thomas Strønen.

Thomas Strønen

Their 2004 debut received rave reviews across the line of influential international magazines, many of which expressed relief and joy in hearing the superb musicianship of the two fully come to fruition in such a project.

Although acknowledged as extraordinary talents also within the contexts of their bands Supersilent and Food, critics have pointed out that in those musical settings both tend to be overshadowed by other band members and sound sources, veiling, at times, their magnificent playing.

Thus the advent of a duo-project came; the reviewers seem to agree, as a benediction to the admirers of the musicality of the two, and more generally also to the world of modern jazz.

This summer the duo will be bringing their celebrated, amorphous music to Canada, embarking on a mini tour of four prestigious jazz festivals in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

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