Ane Brun: European tour

Stockholm-based Norwegian singer Ane Brun has embarked on an extensive tour of Europe in the wake of her latest album “Changing of the seasons.”

Ane Brun (Foto: Anders Widlund)

-When she sings, she changes into a flickering musical flame, writes Dagbladet (a Norwegian daily) in the review of Ane’s opening concert in Trondheim on April first. And the critic continues: -She is without equal; like the sound of a fifth season.

The last time Ane Brun toured Scandinavia it was with a string ensemble and the year was 2006. The songs from her three albums up until then, Spending time with Morgan, A temporary dive and Duets, had all been arranged for this format with a live album in mind. The album, Live in Scandinavia, which was released in the winter of last year, became a huge success and confirmed Ane Brun as one of the leading acoustic artists of her day.
Reaching far beyond her Scandinavian base, Brun has become something of a favourite among lovers of low key folksy acoustic music all over the world. Her records have been released across Europe and America, and consistently they have made a big impression: her music is of the kind that stands out, and her voice and melodies seem to have a special ability to become embedded in the listeners mind.

Now Ane has a new album to promote. Changing of the seasons is her fifth full length outing. It was released on March 12th, and again it has been met with critical acclaim. Ane’s universe of songs is fragile and very characteristic. The chief element is always her distinct voice, which is lucent -sometimes almost metallic- and carries forth the notes in a way that never lets the melodies become only comfortable. Her songs are surprising, at times strange, and they strike a nerve somewhere between bird-flight beauty and brooding melancholy.

Produced by Valgeir Sigurdsson (Björk, Sigur Ros, Múm, Bonnie Prince Billy, Coco Rosie, Maps, and more) Changing of the seasons has been called Ane’s most thorough effort to date; an harmonious collection of songs, perhaps a more self-confident record than the previous ones, which reiterates the character of Ane’s voice and the idiosyncratic and haunting quality of her melodies.

Last night she played in Oslo, and the acclaim from Trondheim was repeated. In the words of one critic:
-Here is an artist who draws on inner sources when performing on stage; something which makes her impossible not to believe in. For she is no entertainer, she is an artist who has the confidence to rely only on her songs and her voice and her skilled handling of the guitar, and thus to let music alone be her message.

The tour continues throughout April and may. The dates and places are as follows:

Apr-04 2008: Stavanger Konserthus, Stavanger, Norway
Apr-05 2008: Verdensteateret, Sandefjord, Norge
Apr-09 2008: Göta Lejon, Stockholm, Sweden
Apr-11 2008: Trägårn, Göteborg, Sweden
Apr-12 2008: KB, Malmö, Sweden
Apr-13 2008: Lille Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
Apr-14 2008: Blue Shell, Cologne, Germany
Apr-15 2008: Botanique, Witloofbar, Brussels, Belgium
Apr-16 2008: Mezz, Breda, Holland
Apr-17 2008: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Apr-18 2008: Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam, Holland
Apr-19 2008: Maroquienerie, Les Femmes s'en Mélent, Paris, France
Apr-22 2008: Kaserne, Basel, Switzerland
Apr-23 2008: Mascotte, Zurich, Switzerland
Apr-24 2008: ISC, Bern, Switzerland
Apr-25 2008: Club Manufaktur, Schorndorf, Germany
Apr-26 2008: Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg, Germany
Apr-27 2008: Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany
Apr-28 2008: Knust, Hamburg, Germany
Apr-29 2008: Voxhall, Århus, Denmark
May-13 2008: Crawdaddy, Dublin, Ireland
May-14 2008: Bush Hall, London, UK
May-15 2008: Glee Club, Birmingham, UK
May-16 2008: Met, Bury, UK
May-18 2008: King Tuts, Glasgow, UK

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