Beyoncé climbs with a Norwegian push.

America’s favourite star, the multitalented and dazzling Beyoncé Knowles, is again approaching the pinnacle of the decisive Billboard 100 list, the barometer gauging the world’s most important music market. And this time the song is Norwegian!

Espen Lind

What the Americans immersing themselves in her jagged beats most likely don’t know (or care about) is that “Irreplaceable” -currently in fourth place and the fastest climbing song on the list- is written by Norwegian producers Espend Lind and Amund Bjørklund, in collaboration with the prodigies from Trondheim’s Stargate studio.

This is of course quite a sensation in Norwegian eyes –we haven’t seen as much as outline of the top of that list since the heyday of A-ha in the mid 80s- but it is actually something we might get used to. For the fact is that Norwegian producers and songwriters are on the move in a big way “over there” in the unattainable realms of American superstar music. Beyoncé is not the first artist to make use of the fingerspitzengefühl of Norwegian producers, and, as all signs indicate, she will not be the last. Still, if “Irreplaceable” does reach the top, it is something we should savour –or at least make a special note of- because we might have to wait a while for it to happen again.

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