UK tour for renowned jazz pianist

Next week sees highly respected pianist, composer and writer Ketil Bjørnstad heading out on his first UK tour with an all-star backing band.

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Ketil Bjørnstad 2006

Ketil Bjørnstad's long-awaited, first UK tour draws on the jazz and classical canon as well as distinctive Nordic jazz soundscapes, and includes music from two of his much praised back catalogue; the evocative song cycle 'Seafarer’s Song' and an earlier piece, 'Before the Light' - as well as the music from his latest album.

Bjørnstad is joined by a stellar pool of European musicians including one of the UK’s premier saxophonists, Andy Sheppard, alongside Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen and the legendary Danish drummer Alex Riel as well as Eivind Aarset on guitar, Kristin Asbjørnsen with vocals, Svante Henryson on cello and Per Lindvall on drums – all key players in today's creative hotbed of Norwegian music.

Ketil Bjørnstad is a ‘cultural prodigy’ (John Fordham – The Guardian) in the Norwegian contemporary arts world, recognised as a remarkable and original composer/pianist, but also as a writer of novels, poetry and essays. Prolific and tirelessly inventive, he has recorded some 40 albums, including many on the ECM label and currently, Universal, and toured throughout the world.

BBC will record Bjørnstad's Southampton concert and it will be aired on Radio 3 next Monday and Tuesday on Late Junction 10.15 til midnight.

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