ya & MEN with Berlin focus

Team Me, Einar Stray and Sandra Kolstad team up with the ya Festival and Music Export Norway for a Berlin club night this week.

16th of May sees Team Me, Einar Stray and Sandra Kolstad hitting the stage of Kreuzberg’s Bi Nuu club for a ya Festival/Music Export Norway/Intro Magazine/Melt Booking-fronted event.

Team Me

Indie pop act Team We has in recent years been on a sharply upwardly moving trajectory. 2011 saw the band releasing their debut album ‘To The Treetops’, which entered the top ten on the sales list in Norway and was rewarded with a Spellemannspris – the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy. This spring saw the band playing successful showcases at SXSW in Texas. Over the next months the collective is set to tour England, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark and Japan.

Einar Stray

The young songwriter Einar Stray is one of Norways’s aspiring musical hopes. He predicted a brilliant career since he debuted with the album ‘Chiaroscuro’ last year. Styles such as post-rock, indie pop, shoegazing are often mentioned in attempts to describe the music. 2012 will see Einar Stray playing a string of gigs around Europe in 2012, including several key German festivals.

Sandra Kolstad

Sandra Kolstad is one of the most exciting new electronica names in Norway. Last year she made her debut, with the album Crux. The music moves through several electronic styles, such as synth-pop and techno, made by her analog synthesizers. Kolstad is known for combining music with a strong visual expression.

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