Karl Seglem: Femstein

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Karl Seglem's 'Femstein' album

Karl Seglem - Femstein

‘Femstein’ (“five-stones”) is saxophonist/composer Karl Seglem’s sixth solo outing on his own and highly respected NORCD label. With former Mari Boine collaborators Gjermund Silset and Helge Norbakken (on bass and drums respectively) and long-standing musical partner Håkon Høgemo on Hardanger fiddle, Seglem has created a unique and coherent sonic universe that’s unlike anything on the jazz/folk fusion cirquit. Says Seglem on his latest album: “‘Femstein’ has a clearly-defined, sonorous quality that has its base in Norwegian folk-music. Compared to earlier outings, the tunes on ‘Femstein’ are more defined when seen in a folk-music context. The songs on ‘Femstein’ have more beats and have a higher degree of rhythmic clarity.” On his latest album, Seglem blends in a more contemporary edge by introducing loops and samples in the mix while maintaining strong links to traditional Norwegian folk music with his trademark goat horns and Høgemo’s Hardanger fiddle. Coupled with the strong rhythm section it results in a vital and organic concoction.

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