Håkon Austbø: Debussy: Complete Works for Piano Solo vol. 1

MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Håkon Austbø’s fantastic outing 'Debussy: Complete Works for Piano Solo vol. 1'.

Håkon Austbø: Debussy: Complete Works for Piano Solo vol. 1

It is sometimes said that Debussy brought out resources from the piano that no one knew were in there. Certainly his ability to “orchestrate” magnificently for this one instrument had never been heard before. When listening to Austbø playing Debussy, you are taken away from the keyboard and directly into the sonorous, shifting, constantly expanding and contracting musical spheres of the music. This is the first release in a series that is to become a complete set of Debussy’s piano music - a perfect pairing of composer and performer given Austbø’s outstanding technical abilities and imaginative interpretation. In Debussy’s terraced piano textures and free-floating rhythms, the piano becomes not so much a physical medium as a veil through which imaginative scenes are glimpsed in extraordinary detail and evocativeness. Austbø holds it all together with stunning renditions of the master composer’s musical portraits.

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