Growth on home market

Strong growth in 2012’s first half music sales figures.

The latest sales figures from IFPI Norway tell the tale of a steadily growing market with a solid growth in total sales. Compared with the first six months of 2011, total sales are up as much as 21%.

Sales of physical units are down 11% compared to 2011 first half sales figures. Physical sales make up for a 33% stake of the overall market, while that figure was 45% in 2011.

Digital downloads rose with 21% compared to 2011’s first half. Downloads represent a 21% stake in the total market – maintaining a stable sales performance compared to last year.

Streaming sees a solid 63% growth compared to 2011’s first half and now represents a 46% stake of the total music market, up from 34% in 2011.

Total digital sales, including streams and downloads, are up with as much as 47% compared to first half 2011 sales figure. Digital sales now make up for a 67% stake of the total music market.

The four majors, Universal, Sony Music, EMI and Warner, now maintain a distribution level of 85,9% on the total market, up from 80,6% in 2011.

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