Silver for gold – Alarm winner 2004

By:larm became the music celebration everyone hoped for. The glamorous punkers in Silver went off with the main trophy, the Alarm Award 2004, while Karin Park was awarded newcomer of the year, Ralph Myerz & Jack Herren Band the electronica act of the year, and Turbonegro winner of the rock category, to mention a few.

Karin Park

Silver can not only decorate their apartment with a brand new trophy, they also received 100 000 NOK (circa $ 14 500/ € 11 300) and a commercial campaign worth 600 000 NOK (circa $ 87 200/ € 68 000) by Westerdal’s School of Communication. Read a recent article about Silver at MIC English here.

By:Larm invaded Bergen this weekend, and everywhere we walked, music followed our steps. For three days, hopeful and mostly unsigned artists charmed us from 16 different venues in Bergen. About 150 international delegates, among them 20 from international media, also took part in the festivities, seminars, networking, and, not to mentioned, beer drinking.

Between 8000 and 9000 concert tickets were sold and most of the clubs were packed to the brim - a unique situation for up-and-coming artists.

- Better than South by South West
”By:Larm in Bergen was an incredible success,” managing director of by:Larm, Erlend Moegård-Larsen says to MIC English.

”The city and the clubs contributed, and were helpful with everything. Bergen has larger capacity than Trondheim, and we reckoned it would sell out, but we did not expect it to become that great. The feedback we have received is very positive, both from Norwegian and foreign delegates. One guy told me that this festival is even better than the South by South West festival in Texas, Austin,” Moegård-Larsen says proudly. He was one of the entrepreneurs who started by:Larm in 1998. Next year, he invites all music fans to join him in Stavanger, where by:Larm will take place in 2005.

Moegård-Larsen is not aware of any new record deals as a result of the festival, but he assumes they will materialise soon. Invitations to gigs, however, were already offered to some of the artists.

“I talked to Lars Horntveth at the airport, and he told me that he had received invitation to play in the US as well as at the Sónar festival in Barcelona in Spain, a very prestigious electronica festival,” Moegård-Larsen says.

Foreign delegates were particularly interested in artists who were about to release their albums abroad, and that list include bands such as Thulsa Doom, Lorrain, the Lionheart Brothers, and Jaga Jazzist member Lars Horntveth.

Interest from London
Time Out London’s journalist in Bergen, Sharon O’Connell, was very pleased about her stay in Norway.
“I had a brilliant time in Bergen and saw some great bands at the festival. Everyone was really warm and welcoming and I really enjoyed the music I saw, most notably JR Ewing (who I thought were amazing and who I know could do well over here) and the fabulous Hanne Hukkelberg (again, I know quite a few journalists here in London who would really, really be into what she does),” O’Connell said in an e-mail.

The most intimate concerts took place in the apartment of a Norwegian parliament member, Heiki Holmås. His place was filled with people who had heard about the event through friends-of-friends, and would not would dare to miss the living room concert with Sister Sonny, Frode Fivel and Johnny Hide.
“This is so cool, it could never happen in London,” Tim Wild from UK's new rock magazine Bullit said.

Here are the Alarm winners in the different categories:

Alarm Award 2004: Silver
Pop: Magnet
Rock: Turbonegro
Jazz: Supersilent
Lydverketprisen (Newcomer of the year): Karin Park
Metal: Dimmu Borgir
Video: Paperboys - Hey Man
Live: Turbonegro
Hip Hop/Rap: Equicez
Petreprisen (Best song of the Year): Ephemera – Girls Keep Secrets the Strangest Ways
Electronica: Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band

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