Bjørn Alterhaug: A ballad

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Bjørn Alterhaug's 'A ballad'

Bjørn Alterhaug: A ballad (cover)

The lyrical and expansive tunes on ‘A Ballad’ were originally recorded in 1986 and are now available again for a new and wider audience. Veteran bassist, professor and composer Bjørn Alterhaug is joined by a (then) young and vital trio that’s made up of pianist Vigleik Storaas, drummer Trond Kopperud and saxophonist Tore Brunborg – all players that have subsequently gone on to become central performers on the Norwegian jazz scene. Despite being recorded almost 20 years ago, the compositions on ‘A Ballad’ still sound vital and ageless with their serene and clear appearance – a textbook example of what aesthetic Scandinavian chamber jazz is supposed to sound like. At the centre of each composition is Alterhaug’s big, rich and warm double bass sound, anchoring everything together into a seamless whole that’s destined to please us for at least 20 additional years.

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