Summer break

The summer holiday season is all over us, and it’s quiet times in the MIC office. Soon we’re off for our various vacation destinations and our web-sites are about come to a standstill. will not be updated until the beginning of August.


Most of the MIC staff have left already, and it is noticeably quiet in the office hallways. Some phones are still ringing and the occasional spam e-mail ticks in, but apart from that it is relatively quiet on the Norwegian music scene. Most of the action is out on the many festivals (read Quart and Arvika reports on our Norwegian site). will not be updated until early August, when we’ll be back with full force. The autumn holds a number of events, such as the Popkomm and Womex fairs, that will be featured and covered on our site. A new MIC director takes his seat in October and we all welcome a new colleague in the office. In other words, lots of stuff to look forward to.

In the meantime, have a nice summer!

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