Rave reviews for Årabrot’s latest

This week has seen Årabrot’s latest album ‘Solar Anus’ being bestowed with a storm of rave reviews.

Årabrot, often describes as being more extreme than anything that’s emerged from Norway’s black metal scene; a hybrid of AmRep-inspired lunacy and churning industrial punishment, which veers from the perversely catchy to the downright terrifying. Up till present, Årabrot has released four critically acclaimed albums and collaborated with the creme-of-the-crop of the rock fraternity.

This week sees the release of the duo’s latest album, the aptly titled ‘Solar Anus’ which has so far racked up an impressive array of strong reviews.

Årabrot - Madonna Was A Whore by TigerFysiskFormat

Writes Drowned in Sound’s Kev Eddy: ‘This album is ferocious, funny, colossal, guttural, hopeful and terrifying. It's a tidal wave of noise from few hands. Like its title, it's a contradiction, a dichotomy, a triumph. It shouldn't work, but it does, infinitely well. It's art from the lowest of sods. It's a fucking triumph’

Årabrot – End of First Chant II

NME chime in with their 8/10 album review: ‘The title of the fifth album by Norwegian duo Årabrot refers to a text by French philosopher Gerges Bataille. Rad! Okay, now ditch all pejorative thoughts about bands who pack references like this: Årabrot undoubtedly have giant, cranioum-straining brains, but their dirgey, punishing sludgepunk is primed to excite bone-wielding Cro-Magnons everywhere. God alone knows how they squeeze so much low-end out of a no-bass, baritone guitar setup, but jams like ‘Nubile’ and ‘Auto Da Fe’ sound as unsettling as a thunderstorm approaching a medieval battle. Or Melvins and Pissed Jeans, if you insist on your references being a shade more literal. ‘

The Stool Pigeon’s John Doran declares in his 5/5 review: ‘It’s been a while coming, but Årabrot have finally earned and cemented their reputation as one of Europe’s best heavy rock bands.

For September Mojo has declared Årabrot’s ‘Solar Anus’ the ‘Underground Album of the Month!’

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