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Manchester’s important In The City trade fair will see one Norwegian showcase this year by electropop duo Frost who will debut new material from their upcoming album.

Frost 2006 (photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen)

Norwegian electropop duo Frost, who make melodic songs about changing the world backed by tasteful electronic sounds, are playing a lunch-time gig in Manchester.

Frost were initially formed in 1997 in Tromsø, Northern Norway, with singer/songwriter Aggie Peterson and Norwegian Dub Disco entrepreneur DJ Rune Lindbæk at the core of the project. Together, and with the extended assistance of Torbjørn Brundtland (now Röyksopp) in addition to a few other hired hands, they produced the album “Bedsit Theories” in 1998. The album did very well in Norway, and the single “Clouds across the moon” – a cover version of the Rah Band classic, achieved heavy rotation on MTV in the summer of 1998.

In 1999 Aggie and Rune released the single “Endless Love”, with remixes by Röyksopp and duo Illumination/Chilluminati – of which electrohead and long time Norwegian provider of electric funk, Per Martinsen (also of Mental Overdrive), was one half. This saw the beginning of a collaboration between Aggie and Per, and in 2001 they released the album “Melodica” together. Since then the pair have collaborated as Frost.

“Melodica” consisted of glitchy electropop and down-tempo airy songs, and received great reviews worldwide. The song “Amygdala” was released on a double vinyl 12” single with a variation of remixes, and the 7” vinyl single “Pharmacy”/”Half-whole” is still a sought-after gem.

Now they’re in the middle of producing their second album together. The material this time leans more towards upbeat “space-pop” with catchy songs wrapped in hard-hitting yet dubby production.

According to the duo, some of the mission for the new album is to “search for the lost pop of that golden era when joy and creativity had as big a place in pop music as pure commerciality and copyism has had in the last decades”.

Their return to club land can also be heard in the new singles to come, the first being the track “Sleepwalker” - a melodic and dreamy song backed with floor-friendly beats and a bass line that could move mountains and start religions in the Balearic community. Frost’s third album (title TBA) is in the making, and will be ready for release autumn 2006.

Frost are scheduled to play the Bar38 on 28 October at 12noon.

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