Popkomm showcase profile: Dinosau

Experience electro-acoustic chewing gum pop with eclectic trio DinoSau at Popkomm’s Jazz stage on 14 September.

DinoSau 2005

DinoSau play a vibrant mix that they describe as electro-acoustic chewing gum pop. A dose of playful naivety is coupled with strong song-writing skills and impeccable craftsmanship resulting in a set of tunes and an appearance that can only be described as unique and highly creative. A façade of childlike simplicity stands in front of three highly creative and integral artistic minds that create music you’ve never heard before.

DinoSau’s unique blend contains elements from such diverse influences as pop and rock, electro-acoustic improv and punk. Diversity and integrity are key words here – this is not your average prefabricated rock combo – this is unique.

The three band members are all highly educated musicians with training at the Norwegian State Academy of Music and the prestigious Jazz Department of the Trondheim Conservatory. The line-up is Lena Nymark (vocals, flute, samples), Bjørn Thevik (bass, electronics, keys) and Stig Rennestraum (drums, vibraphone).

The outfit began what became a string of well received live-appearances one year ago. Since then, the trio has played a number of domestic gigs at such key events as the Norwegian showcase/music industry festival by:Larm. DinoSau’s Popkomm showcase is the trio’s first international gig.

DinoSau are still unsigned, but interest from the domestic recording industry is mounting meaning that a record deal should be around the corner. The trio is set to begin studio sessions for their debut album this autumn.

DinoSau play the Aufsturz – Popkomm Jazz Club on 14 September at 10:30pm.

Listen to DinoSau audio here.

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