A-ha’s latest in the hands of Flood.

London: The new A-ha album, due for release this fall, is currently being mixed by legendary studio-guru Flood.

a-ha i studio 2005 (foto: a-ha.com)

Mark Ellis, as he was known before he got into the habit of spilling tea everywhere, has had a huge impact on popular music the past fifteen years; contributing to the global dominance of bands such as U2, Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nick Cave (and the Bad Seeds).

His membership in the exclusive clan of producers/sound-engineers who share a large responsibility for the world’s listening habits and musical taste makes him a legend, and to many awe-struck fans he is one of those enigmatic entities that seem to contribute the “previously unheard”; the final extra-worldly touch that makes music transcend its realm and thus ensures world-wide artistic “happenings” such as U2’s “Achtung Baby”.

Therefore fans of A-ha can rest assured that the completion of the band's new album is being taken care of by someone who is in the habit of making great music become true milestones of art.
And viewed in relation to the list of names Flood has worked with, and the magnitude of their success, it is also an indication of the quality of the material the Norwegian group has recorded.

Another recently revealed bit of information that ought to spur expectations is that singer-songwriter deity Graham Nash has contributed on the album. Famous from bands such as the Hollies, and most importantly supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young), Nash enjoys an enduring position as one of the greatest musicians in the business; a truly unique artistic talent, as is manifest also in other forms of expression such as photography.

Nash has been acquainted with A-ha for some time and when Morten asked him to do a vocal contribution he happily agreed. “It’s a great song” says Nash, “otherwise I would never have done it. It is my privilege to only work with material that is outstanding.”

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