Ephemera: Monolove

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Ephemera's 'Monolove'

Ephemera: Monolove (cover)

Ephemera they call themselves, yet they have been around for ten years and the continued success of their music suggests that it is all other than ephemeral. These three girls from Bergen are masters of a very difficult art, namely the art of making songs of the lightest, most shimmering, sweet and charming kind without ever crossing over into the artificial and contrived. For Ephemera’s music is not some speculation in sweetness and naiveté. Rather their lovely melodies and unimaginably beautiful harmonies provide a rare encounter with the elusive twinkling of dream and reverie. Their songs tend to transport the listener to realms reality has cut us off from, realms that we dare not attempt describing for fear of being caught in cliché. Most artists do not even attempt such music for the same reason, but Ephemera seem to have a unique gift for expressing these sentiments in a way that transcends the pitfalls and rings true.

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