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I need some resistance and struggle. That's part of my music-making

25-year old violin virtuoso Vilde Frang is gaining more and more international recognition. A few weeks ago she was rewarded this year’s prestigious Credit Suisse Young Artists Award, and this week sees her preparing for a weekend performance of Bruch’s violin concerto at The Royal Festival Hall in London with the Philharmonia Orchestra.

To mark the occasion, british newspaper The Guardian has met Vilde Frang for an extensive portrait interview. Under the headline “From prodigy to virtuoso”, among many things she talks about her need to live in Germany.

“Although she says she "belongs" to Scandinavia, "that's where I have my roots, where I was shaped as a musician and a personality," as a professional musician Frang now feels more comfortable in Germany. "It's as if I can breathe more easily in Germany. You need to be near colleagues and have people around you who you can really connect with. Scandinavia can be a little like Switzerland. It is very clean and safe and the people are a little bit spoiled and they don't have much to worry about. I need things to worry about. I need some resistance and struggle. That's part of my music-making." As her schedule becomes busier Frang says she is having to make a conscious effort to find time for life away from the stage. "I've never really separated my life inside and outside of music, but if you only see the hotel and the concert hall, then you have nothing of life to enrich your music. So I'm looking forward to coming back to London and also to giving people another look at Bruch.”

Read the whole interview with Vilde Frang here

The concert takes place on Sunday, april 28, read more details here.

The homepage of Vilde Frang,

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