'Ninth' is one the latest exiting bands to spring forth from the ever-vibrant music scene of Bergen, Norway.

Ninth 2005

After only a year or so in existence they have already started their own label, released an EP, been selected for a prestigeous compilation record and given important spots at the Norwegian music industry's showcase festival By:Larm.

Now they are ready to record their debut album with accomplished producer Andrew Scheps who has worked with an array of great artists, covering the musical spectrum from Johnny Cash via The Mars Volta to Bjork and Michael Jackson.
This range is indication of Scheps' versatility as producer, but the collaboration with Ninth came about on the ground of a common deep rooting in rock and a shared wish to explore the potential richness, depth and variety of that (so often mal-treated) form of musical expression.

Ninth’s self-description reads as follows:

"Inspired by most rock forms, electronica and ethnic music, Ninth blends their influences into their own new style, which they call "perceptive rock." While the arrangements are never predictable, the melody is still the main priority and is instant and catchy.

Ninth started out as a studio project for guitarist composer Geir Satre. The goal was to make original music, combining rock, electronica and even classical harmonic structure without loosing the melody. The result is a complex, original landscape of sound, with the simplicity and honesty of vocals often found in pop, rock and roots music".

Ninth are currently touring the US.

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