Turbonegro loses guitarist

Norway’s biggest band becomes a little smaller, as Rune Rebellion, rhythm guitarist of Turbonegro, has decided to leave the band.

Turboneger 2003

Turbonegro is not only Norway’s biggest rock band in terms of international impact; sales, fans and notoriety, but also a big band in members. No less than three guitarists have been responsible for the detahpunk walls of glitzy-barbed sound. Now Rune Rebellion, one of Turbonegro’s founders, has decided to leave the band. He will not leave the organisation however, and will continue in his instrumental role in running the band’s label, Scandinavian Leather Recordings, as well as managing a lot of the touring business. These tasks have been largely his responsibility also thus far, and the workload of the combined roles as on-stage rebel and behind-the-scenes organizer was what made it necessary to leave the band.

Norwegian music journalists agree that Rebellion’s departure will not change Turbonegro’s sound –that two guitars suffices, especially when led by wizard Euroboy – and that he probably will not be replaced. Rebellion’s last show will be this Saturday’s gig in Stavanger Norway.

Notwithstanding the gravity of losing a band member, most of the buzz around the band these days is about the recently released band biography, which has all the ingredients of a classic on par with Mötley Crue’s story “The Dirt”.
No news is circulating of an English translation thus far, but considering the tens of thousands of devoted Turbojugend fans around the world –Turbonegro have perhaps the most well- organized and clan-like fan club of any current band - an English translation would make a lot a of sense.

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