Huntsville on Tour in Europe

Huntsville is a Norwegian improvisational jazz trio gone hunting in the aural emotions and soundscapes of roots and folk. They are equipped with banjo, pedal steel, a bizarre tabla machine and are out to release 'folk' from the traditional packaging of folk songs. In their own words their vocation is playing alternative, instrumental drone based music.


Ivar Grydeland, (guitars) Tommy Kluften (bass) and Ingar Zach (drums) have played together in improvisational outfits since 1998, but the Huntsville project is something different altogether. Here the leitmotifs are droning grooves, country/roots/folk soundscapes and electronic elements, and quite unexpected uses of instruments and effects. The instrumental mastery that each if the three display widens the framework of the expressions they compound, and new properties are extracted from instruments as well as genre-indicative musical traits. Idiosyncratic things, such as the tabla machine and various electronic devices, are blended with a truly innovative approach to the main instruments; acoustic guitars and banjo, double bass and drums. Organic sounds and dense electronics are blended into what has been called “futuristic roots music.”

Huntsville’s debut “For the middle class” was released last fall by Norwegian vanguard label Rune Grammofon. It reaped a string of fascinated and bedazzled reviews form across the international line of jazz- and contemporary music media:

«Each musician has developed such an idiosyncratic language and an almost telepathic interaction with each other that the musical outcome blurs any conventional concept of listening, yet the music sounds very natural and organic and surprisingly quite harmonic. (...) For The Middle Classes is the most accessible recording from these creative musicians—surprising, sometimes funny, sometimes irritating, always offering tons of provocative revelations, and very convincing. One of my top ten releases of 2006.» (All About Jazz - December, 2006)

«...involving, evocative music that's genuinely emotionally engaging as well as pressing all the right buttons for those on the lookout for new sonic thrills. Beautiful.» (BBC)

«Epic, hellmouthed buildups that never quite break, organ grinder monkeys given bionic arms and legs and left to wonder why, obtuse drone, and the foresight to assemble all of these disparate elements into one compelling package are what's at stake here, Huntsville providing a dead serious, dreamlike, at times blisteringly impatient stab at the advancement of the avant-garde trio. Hypnotic and reassuring.» (Other Music)

Tonight the trio kicks off what they call their EU-tour in Holland. The 6-date tour doesn’t really zigzag the union’s territory, but it can still of course be called an EU tour. The dates and venues are as follows:

Nov 7th: Muziekpodium Paradox - Tilburg, Holland
Nov 8th: Worm - Rotterdam, Holland
Nov 9th: Stimul Festival - Prague, Czech Rep.
Nov 10th: Maribor Jazz Festival - Mariobor, Slovenia
Nov 13th: Recyclart - Brussels, Belgium
Nov 14th: Belleville - Oslo, Norway

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