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Trio Mediaeval & Arve Henriksen UK tour

Trio Mediaeval and Arve Henriksen team up for UK tour in May.

Vocal ensemble Trio Mediæval team up with trumpet player/multi instrumentalist/vocalist singer Arve Henriksen for a not-to-be missed UK tour in late May, bringing together the vocal trio’s tight-knit voices with Arve Henriksen's haunting trumpet and electronics to perform early and contemporary music, classical, folk and improvised in seven beautiful spaces across England

Grammy Award winners, Trio Mediaeval are one of revered German record label ECM’s major recording artists. The three singers have garnered a huge following for themselves in the USA and Europe, seamlessly entwining performances of mediaeval sacred music with traditional Norwegian folk and the work of contemporary composers like Gavin Bryars. Their riveting performances flow out of a deep-rooted knowledge of the music, enabling them to continuously re-interpret the music of religious orders or the folk music of Nordic lands for a new audience and using improvisation and an innate sensitivity to bring this music to life. Arve Henriksen is one of Norway’s most widely acclaimed musicians; a unique performer whose timeless music stretches across jazz, contemporary and folk to create haunting, filmic soundtracks.

Trio Mediaeval have through the years collaborated with various composers, musicians and groups. These musicians include percussionist Birger Mistereggen (who joined in on their CD Folk Songs) the Bang on a Can All-Stars from USA, the Norwegian folk group Kvarts and the singers Tone Krohn and Berit Opheim Versto to mention a few. The Trio’s exploration and performances of Norwegian folk music has had a direct influence on their performances of early music, inspiring them to gradually open up improvised sequences during their concerts; something that brings the music to new and exciting levels of performance and presentation. In the Middle Ages the music most certainly contained improvisation but few vocal groups include this as an organic part of their presentation. Trio Mediaeval’s explorations of the unique vocal sound of Norwegian folk, alongside the sacred and secular music of the eleventh to fifteenth centuries enriches their performances and gives them a unique sound.

The collaboration between Trio Mediaeval and Arve Henriksen started in 2007 at the Bergen International Festival where the Trio were artists in residence, and since then they have performed together on several occasions. The music presented on this tour is a mix of Norwegian folk, mediaeval, commissioned contemporary music and fragments of improvisation. The blend of fixed parts, transitions, a light touch of electronic sounds here and there, improvisations inspired by folk music and the soaring sound of Trio Mediaeval and Arve Henriksen unite to create a unique and beautiful sound world.

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