Serena Maneesh signs to 4AD

Signs of life from the Serena Maneesh camp; 4AD signing and new album on its way.

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Emil Nikolaisen bylarm 2006 (Foto: Kimm Saatvedt)

Smalltown Supersound confirmed this week that Serena Maneesh have inked a deal with legendary indie 4AD.

Says SM front-man Emil Nikolaisen to Norwegian daily ’Had anyone asked me which label I’d rather be signed to, my answer would definitely be 4AD. What’s really positive about this is 4AD’s strong position - the label represents a kind of musical blood-line which we’re now a part of. We’re the latest addition to a long and rich tradition.’

Nikolaisen feels they’ve found a perfect match in the label that i later years have fronted such acts as TV on The Radio, Big Pink and Bon Iver: ‘4AD understands our music and know on which arenas it should be presented. As a global organisation, the label will represent us in territories we need to be in.’

Serena Maneesh’s next album is scheduled for release in March 2010.

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