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Sara Chen 3 (Foto: Paul Weaver)

Sara Chen (born October 27, 1990), studies in the Foss Music High School, began to play the violin and piano at the age of five with Anne-Berit Halvorson (violin) and Synøve Løchen (piano).Two years later she had her first performance as a soloist with Bærums Symphony orchestra playing the violin. Sara received her first lesson with Alf Richard Kraggerud (1998 – 2005) and Stephan Barratt-Due (Fall 2005 - ) at Barratt Due Music institute studying at the conservatory department. She has had lessons with well-known violinists, both nationally and internationally, such as Henning Kraggrud, Piotr Janowski, Detlef Hahn, Stephen Shipps, Amita Vamos, Eduard Schmieder and Mauricio Fuks.

Sara has also had numerous of performances broadcasted on television since the age of nine. Her first appearance was with Arve Tellefsen where she played the "Bach double violin concerto" in 1999. Later she was invited to play at a children channel with Minken Fossheim, and in 2001 she had her piano performance broadcasted at NRK's "Happy New Year". Two years later she played at another Christmas program with her big sister, Catharina Chen, all
broadcasted by NRK. In 2006 she had a great performance on the Norwegian National Television program: "Great opportunity", a Live competition program of selected young artists from around the country. She performed the virtuoso "Spanish Dance" and won all of the jury's vote and then "Norwegian Dance" with great success among the viewers and the audience.

As a soloist, Sara has contributed in several national and international tours and festivals in the world, such as Peer-Gynt Festival (2001), Modum concert series (2001), China – tour around Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing (2001), Grieg Festival (2002 and 2003), Tour around Slovakia (2004) and Margess International (2002 – 2005) performing as a soloist in Zurich (2002). She has been invited several times to play New Year and jubilee concerts
with Gjøvik- and Romerike Symphony Orchestra (2002, 2005 and 2006). Sara performed both as a soloist and concertmaster with the Oslo South Youth Orchestra on their tour to China (Shanghai and Hangzhou) in May 2006. Later that month she toured as a soloist with the Nordic Youth Orchestra around Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland. In 2007, she has been booked for several concerts such as Olav's festival in Trondheim, Summer concert at
Edvard Griegs home in Bergen with Griegs100 years marking, Lofoten Festival, Grieg Festival, Festival "Living Music" in Tønsberg and Young Talent season in Drøbak. April 2007, she will be soloist with Bergen Philharmonic orchestra in the Grieg Hall in Bergen.

Sara has been awarded the 1st Prize of Youth Piano competition in Norway (2001), Laureate of Norwegian Youth String competition (2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006) and recipient of the virtuoso prize at Gnessin International Violin Competition in Moscow (2003). Sara was nominated to present Oslo and the winner of "the Dream Scholarship" in 2004. She also received Ånun Lund Rej's Scholarship the same year. In the past three years, Sara has received scholarship for her participating of Margess International in Switzerland.
Just recently in Dec 2006, she won the 1st Prize of the well known Remember Enescu International Violin Competition in Romania. In January 2007, she was the winner of the "Karoline Prize", an award for high achievement by a Norwegian high school student in sport, art or culture.

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