Post ESC success for Madcon

Their flashmobesque Eurovision Song Contest Final performance rockets Madcon’s new single ‘Glow’ to the top of European sales charts.

Watched by more than 120 million viewers during the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Madcon’s new single Glow receives a tremendous boost, entering a number of European Top 10 sales charts in its first week.

When the first sales figures were released on Monday morning it was clear that the duo are in the iTunes charts in 11 European countries with Glow which was officially premiered during the break between the participating countries' songs and the final voting session.

Says Madcon’s Tshawe Baqwa to Norwegian daily Dagbladet - It was magical. I've had so many great moments since our career took off. We’ve played on virtual all of the bad-ass arenas, but this beats everything we’ve done before, ".

In its first week, Glow received A-listing on National Norwegian radio and entered as #2 on both sales charts and the iTunes’ and Platekompaniet’s (major domestic retailer) own charts. On the European market, Madcon shot to #2 in both Germany and Spain.

In addition, the song is currently in Top 15 in Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland and Belgium.

Madcon’s finale performance was choreographed as a pan-European flash mob, where large crowds in a number of participating countries danced to the song, some directly via satellite, others in recorded segments. An estimated 125 million viewers tuned in to see Madcon’s live performance.

Frank Bakke of Madcon’s label Bonnier Amigo is pleased with the single’s European sales charts performance: - We didn’t have any particular expectations before the final, but it's even more rewarding to read tweets now from people claiming Madcon were the true winners of the ESC.

The exact number of "Glow" units shipped will not be official until the end of the week, but Bakke notes that it has climbed faster and higher than the monster hit ‘Beggin’ which sold app. 1.1 million digital and physical units in Europe, and nearly half of that figure in the U.S.:

- Then again, ‘Beggin’ was a major global hit - how much "Glow" will sell, is impossible to estimate at this stage.

The spectacular 2010 Eurovision Flashmobesque Glow video:

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